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Presentations from 2022 Curriculum Night

Thank you for coming to Curriculum night This page is being updated, and will provide a link to content from the evening. 


Bishop has recently launched a Bishop Elementary Reading Facebook page. Please like it to stay connected to the latest reading initiatives in school.

Bishop also has a reading website. This site is designed to provide information about our programs and answer questions regarding reading intervention at the Bishop School.


The Bishop School offers a comprehensive curriculum for grades K-5. Each year, there are parent-teacher meetings which review the specific curriculum planned for your child’s classroom. The curriculum can change every year. Below please find documentation related to the curriculum at Bishop.
Bishop Curriculum K-5
Math Facts Guide K-5

Science Enrichment

The Bishop Sundial
The Bishop School has a new sundial located in the nature area in the front of the school. Here are some questions and answers about sundials. Learn more below >

Weather Station
The mysterious white box on a post to the right of the entrance ramp in front of the school is Bishop’s new weather station. This is a locked box containing weather instruments that teachers have already been using to teach weather related topics covered by the core science curriculum. The sundial, weather station, and additional weather related books for teachers were made possible by a grant from the Arlington Educational Enrichment Fund (AEEF).

Science Kaleidoscope
In the back of the school, the “science kaleidoscope,” the triangular shaped structure at the far end of the blacktop from the parking lot, is a unique outdoor play structure that allows children (and adults!) to explore concepts of light and sound in a fun, hands-on way during and after school. Children become part of a kaleidoscope by ducking under the outside walls and entering the inside that has 3 mirrors at 60 degree angles to each other, creating infinite images and endless fun. Based on an exhibit at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, Bishop’s own science kaleidoscope was designed by Bishop parent and architect Dave Hajian and built and installed by Bishop parent Martin Conneely and his crew at Conneely Contracting. Dave and Martin also worked this summer to modify the roof design to ensure that the structure does not present any hazards from sunlight reflecting off the mirrors. Many thanks to Dave and Martin for their extraordinary contributions to this project. The science kaleidoscope was made possible by a Toyota Tapestry Science Education Grant awarded to 5th grade science teacher Anne Hess-Mahan, in collaboration with Bishop parent Jim Ballin. If you have not had a chance to check it out yet, take your kids and step inside!

For more information, please contact Jim Ballin or Anne Hess-Mahan with questions.