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Code of Behavior

Our Mission:
The Bishop School Community believes students, teachers, administrators, and families should work cooperatively to provide a safe, respectful, positive environment where everyone has the right to learn. Students are responsible for their own actions and are aware of consequences for their behavior.
As members of the Bishop School Community, we will uphold the expectation of good behavior by trying our best to have behavioral expectations of children, parents, and staff.
Behavioral expectations of children, parents, and staff:
  • Create a safe atmosphere
  • Act in a respectful manner
  • Demonstrate responsible behavior
  • Accept individual differences
  • Cooperate as a member of the school community
  • Adhere to non-negotiable rules
Possible consequences — not necessarily in order:
  • Give warning
  • Problem solve with teacher or other adult
  • Loss of privileges
  • Write apology or explanation
  • Problem solve with the principal
  • Parent notification
  • Make restitution for property or material
  • Detention
  • Suspension