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Vision and Mission

About Our School

Our Vision
We aspire for students to continually gain confidence in their individual learning abilities and styles so that they can grow and develop as active learners. We motivate our students to respect each other’s differences, encouraging them to care for each other in the learning process so that each child feels nurtured as an individual and valued as a member of the school community. We create an environment where children can learn to understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures, lifestyles, beliefs and world views.

Our Mission
All members of the Bishop community are challenged to meet very high behavioral and academic performance standards. We are committed to teaching cooperative problem solving, critical thinking and independent learning skills. We endeavor to keep our curricula current and aligned to the state standards. We are committed to meeting individual needs through developmentally appropriate challenges and providing the resources for staff to achieve this goal. We demonstrate an appreciation for differences by integrating diversity into the curriculum.

Bishop School Culture
The Bishop School is the center of a community that is proud of its collegial, cooperative, supportive culture. We integrate into the classroom the diversity of strengths, perspectives, lifestyles, and world views that children and parents bring from their different cultures. The school builds a community for our students that includes a strong partnership between home and school, and uses all the resources within the family, the school and the town.

Core Values:
We value academic excellence and love of learning.

We value responsibility, respect, and regard for individual differences.

We value cooperation and collaboration among all members of the Bishop community.