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About Our School

The John A. Bishop Elementary School opened in 1949 and welcomed the first class of children from the Russell School. A former community member of the Bishop School Advisory Council, Carlene Newell, was among those children who walked to their new school on that sunny day. An addition, consisting of six classrooms, was completed in 1956. A new addition and total renovation of the existing school was completed in August 20000.

The Bishop School currently has approximately 400 children enrolled in 19 classes, kindergarten through grade five. The average class size is approximately 22. In addition to the classroom teachers there is a complete support staff for all the children. Bishop participates in the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunities program (METCO – a voluntary desegregation program). There are private extended after school facilities available on site and in our school district.

The Bishop School Parent Teacher Organization is an extremely active group involved in a variety of ways throughout the school, as well as throughout the community. PTO committees, chaired by parents, support the children and staff. Funds raised contribute towards curriculum related materials for the staff and children. The funds are also used for; enrichment programs, grants, and significant grounds improvement (i.e., a nature center and new playground equipment). Parents also volunteer in and outside the classroom in support of the staff.

Our school colors are blue and gold and we are the home of the Bishop Bears!

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